The INNOSILICON MIPI M-PHY transceiver is fully compatible with V1-00-00 specifications. It supports both master and slave roles in HS Gear 1~3 and LS operation. The M-PHY uses the MIPI standard M-PORTs Protocol Interface to simplify controller integration and supports DigRFv4, SSIC, and UniPro MIPI protocols.

The architecture is customizable and allows support from 1 to 4 lanes for increased throughput. It is designed with ease of integration in mind. The PHY is small, low power and contains all I/Os including primary and secondary ESD.

Efficient production testing is assured through built in BIST, multiple loop back modes and Boundary scan support.


  • Easily ported into any technology
  • Compliant with MIPI M-PHY V1-00-00 standard
  • Supports HS mode Gear1~3
  • Supports M-PHY Type-II system
  • Supports the reference frequencies: 19.2/26/38.4/52MHz
  • Up to 5.8 Gb/s data transfer rate per lane
  • TX drivers are programmable for amplitude, slew rate and de-emphasis to ensure a 200mV to 800mV signal window as appropriate.
  • On-die terminations are auto-calibrated during handshake for both value and matching
  • Incorporates spread spectrum clocking (SSC) for all interface implementations with control for spectrum offset, range shape and skew rate
  • Advanced Rx equalization
  • Embedded primary and secondary ESD
  • Production test supported with BIST, loop back and boundary scan
  • Loop back has 7 different configurations to support production testing, debug and in-system testing.
  • Provided deliverables support all major EDA tools and contain a detailed integration guide


  • Low power consumption
  • Fully customizable
  • Small area
  • Simple integration process
  • Available options include
  • lTest chips and test boards
  • lFPGA integration support
  • lChip level integration





 What package can you choose?
  • Supports small form-factor LQFP/LQFN; Supports BGA
 What makes our M-PHY / SSIC different?
  • Customized Service
    - Number of lanes configurable
    - Low power and small die size
    - PIPE interface , easy to integrate